My 1st Backpacking Trip – Sequoia National Park

I wanted to document my first backpacking trip here in California. The group I went with was amazing and all professionals. Being in the middle of nature and having the closest town 20+ miles away with only your buddies and whats on your back really humbles you. I definitely wasn’t prepared for this but you […]

Logo Build Screen Grab

Logo Build Screen Grab

I just wanted to share a sample screen grab of our “H” logo sting animation.  More to come soon…

  • Push Kick Ring Girls '13
  • Fred Zermeno with PKP Ring Girls
  • Dr. Joe Vivo with Micahel Perez
  • Dr. Joe Vivo w PKP Ring Girls
  • Dr. Joe Vivo w PKP Ring Girls
  • Aaron Guice w PKP Ring Girls
  • HGK w PKP Ring Girls

Push Kick Promotions – The 2013 Year In Style

Push Kick Promotions sets off the 2013 year with style and brings back the A-Team from 2011 and adds some new faces to the game.  After taking a trip to Thailand and locking down the deal with Somluck Kamsing, one of Thailand’s most famous Thai fighters and actor, PKP raised the bar.  HGK was hired […]