My 1st Backpacking Trip – Sequoia National Park

I wanted to document my first backpacking trip here in California. The group I went with was amazing and all professionals. Being in the middle of nature and having the closest town 20+ miles away with only your buddies and whats on your back really humbles you. I definitely wasn’t prepared for this but you never know until you get your ass up and just do it. The trip was challenging to where there were moments I needed to focus on my girls at home just to give me the motivation and perseverance to keep pushing just so I could make it up the damn mountain… I know. It was like that! Please forgive my shotty audio due to the fact I had my underwater housing on my GoPro most of the time… Sorry fellas but I added subtitles :) – Hope everyone enjoys and sorry for this taking so long! Next time I’m going to bring my gear to lay it down proper!!! WHAT’S NEXT FELLAS?

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