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    Book Design – Push Kick Promotions

    Book design for Muay Thai promotional company Push Kick Promotions.

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    Business Cards – VQ Promotions

    Designed and printed on a suede stock with pressed gold and silver foil.

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    Book Design – Tovkailo

    Book design for Ukrainian contemporary artist Tovkailo. This design was a segment for his 2014 branding campaign.

  • Tovkailo – Contemporary Artist “Connecting Centuries”

    Tovkailo – Contemporary Artist “Connecting Centuries”

    A feature documentary on Ukrainian contemporary artist, founder of introspective realism, Tovkailo.

  • Behind The Artist – Craig Tracey “Painted Alive”

    Behind The Artist – Craig Tracey “Painted Alive”

    Explore and see the world through famous body painting artist Craig Tracey in this Documentary Painted Alive.

  • Behind The Artist – Chris Derubeis “Abstract Sensualism”

    Behind The Artist – Chris Derubeis “Abstract Sensualism”

    Witness one of the hottest selling artists as he paints on metal using chemicals mixed with paints.

  • William Carr – Fine Art Photographer

    William Carr – Fine Art Photographer

    Documentary & branding campaign for Fine Art Photographer William Carr.

  • Kira – Fine Art Sculptor

    Kira – Fine Art Sculptor

    Mini Documentary taking you into the magical evolution of Kira's Fine Art Sculptures.

  • Super Typhoon Yolanda

    Super Typhoon Yolanda

    Humanitarian Documentary on the Philippines after the devastation left from Super Typhoon Yolanda.