• Ultra Music Festival – Crystal Method/Badass

    Ultra Music Festival – Crystal Method/Badass

    Crystal Method hits the stage in the worlds most anticipated dance music festival in Miami - 2005.

    • Stanfield Catalog Covers 1
    • jsc_Table-of-Contents
    • jsc_Catalog_Transitions
    • jsc_Transitions
    • jsc_Catalog_Circles
    • jsc_Circles
    • jsc_Catalog_LifeSmart
    • jsc_LifeSmart
    • jsc_Catalog_BeCool
    • jsc_BeCool

    Catalog Design & Layout – James Stanfield Publishing Co.

    Designed a series of covers for the James Stanfield Company for their fall catalog drop. Produced 4 covers along with the 56 page interior layout.

    • logo_HeroSketch_PushKick
    • logo_PushKickPromotions_2D
    • logo_PushKickPromotions_Gold
    • logo_SomebodyGonna
    • logo_Hero_Foil

    Push Kick

    Logo and Branding design for Push Kick Inc. Push Kick is one of the worlds top Muay Thai Entertainment companies.

    • bcb_Logo_Color
    • bcb_Logo_Gold

    Billionaire Club Bahamas

    Logo design for the exclusive BCB.

    • vq_Vineyards_Cabernet_gold
    • vq_Vineyards_Cabernet
    • vq_Vineyards_Cabernet_standard2

    Wine Bottle Design – VQ Vineyards

    Wine bottle designs for VQ Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon.

    • tms_Here_strong
    • tms_TotalMerchantSupplies
    • tms_Here_windy

    Total Merchant Supplies

    Logo design for credit card processing company TMS.