• Push Kick Ring Girls '13
  • Fred Zermeno with PKP Ring Girls
  • Dr. Joe Vivo with Micahel Perez
  • Dr. Joe Vivo w PKP Ring Girls
  • Dr. Joe Vivo w PKP Ring Girls
  • Aaron Guice w PKP Ring Girls
  • HGK w PKP Ring Girls

Push Kick Promotions – The 2013 Year In Style

Push Kick Promotions sets off the 2013 year with style and brings back the A-Team from 2011 and adds some new faces to the game.  After taking a trip to Thailand and locking down the deal with Somluck Kamsing, one of Thailand’s most famous Thai fighters and actor, PKP raised the bar.  HGK was hired along with Emmy Award winning Director Will Harper, CGI + Photography Mastermind Michael Moore from Planet Moore Productions and the TV/Broadcasting Guru Marty Schiff from Euphoria Post to create a new chapter for Muay Thai here in the states.

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